Turquoise is the color of the tranquil ocean that surrounds a tropical island. A combination of blue and green, it has the serene and inviting qualities of blue, yet uplifting and luminous due to the green. In many cultures turquoise is a protective color used to ward off the evil eye. I especially have a liking for the color since my name Firoozeh means Turquoise.

Here are a few spaces that I love using a combination of yellow and turquoise.

The two living rooms bellow have mostly a neutral pallet, turquoise and yellow are added as splashes of color making them electric and not overwhelming, it also keeps the eyes moving through the space.

image source

The bedroom below designed by Elizabeth Dinkel is a wonderful example of how turquoise can be a serene color

Elizabeth Dinkel

Source unknown

Turquoise adds excitement to neutrals, and compliments a variety of colors like yellow, orange, pink and corals just to name a few. Which one of the rooms is your favorite?

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by Firoozeh Khorrami

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