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Thanksgiving is only days away.  A well stocked bar is very important for holiday entertaining. Here are a few different ways to style one, and tips on some basic items that should be included.

There’s something very welcoming about a beautiful and well stocked bar.  All that’s needed is a tray, a table, or a cart.

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{image Deborah Needleman’s bar cart Lonny Magazine}

Invest in some basic bar ware: a jigger, shaker, and strainer, bottle opener, and an ice bag.

{image David Hicks}

A few types of glasses: A short, a tall, and stems, maybe 6-8 of each

{image Tori Mellott for Domino}

Fill it up with your favorite spirits and mixers.  You don’t need a large selection; pick one good brand of vodka, scotch, white rum, tequila and cognac.  A few mixers like: Cointreau, white Vermouth, and a few bitters

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Please don’t forget to provide the guests who are the designated drivers, or don’t drink alcohol with a fun selection of drinks and non alcoholic cocktails.  There are so many fun cocktails to mix, a well stocked bar should have a variety of sodas, fresh juices, and cocktail recipes, to enjoy with or without alcohol.

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You are now ready to serve your guests a myriad of cocktails, but make sure to style the bar before your guests arrive.  There are so many fun things you can add to a bar, a few slices of lemon and lime are pretty and great garnish on cocktails.

{image Lindsay Harper}

Flowers, make any table special: pick a small bouquet made up of one type of flower.

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Flee market finds are always great on a bar, don’t be afraid to mix and match your glasses and bar ware.  A variety of glasses in different colors and patterns, vintage cloth cocktail napkins, an old silver bowl to hold ice, all make for great conversation and a memorable setting.

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Most important is lighting.  Dim the lights and use candles, it will make any room or bar look better and can even make beer and pizza glamorous.

{image Thom Felicia}

Here are some small bar closets, maybe you have a coat closet that can be transformed into a bar.

{image de Menil bar closet}

{image source}

{image Francisco Costa}

But whatever you serve this year at your holiday party, please make sure your guests are sober enough to drive; if not call a cab, ask them to spend the night, or to stay while longer with out having more alcohol.

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