Ceramic Tile Part II

Malibu Potteries was establish in Malibu California by Mrs. Rindge in 1926. In the six short years it existed it has produced some of the most important and beautiful ceramic tile to come out of California. With an abundance of good quality clay and a strong demand for decorative ceramic tile needed for the Mediterranean and Spanish style homes being built in that day, Malibu Pottery produced 30,000 square feet of ceramic tile per month. The tile was shipped world wide, but most of the tile with Saracen, Moorish, and Spanish designs was produced for homes in the Los Angeles area. In 1931 a fire destroyed most of the factory and although Mrs. Rindge was planning to rebuild the depression and building slump prevented the factory of re opening again.

Adamson House loggia 1930 a_hallwayLrg

Above: Persian carpet designed by William Handley of Malibu Potteries

Logia at the Ahmason house in Malibu California, built in 1930

Although Malibu Pottery shut down, Malibu Ceramic Works has reinvented, and has been producing beautiful handmade ceramic tile, in the traditional fashion which once made local tile companies famous in the early 20th century, in Southern California for the past 30 years.

Malibu cermaic works


by Firoozeh Khorrami

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