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I’m happy to introduce to you guest blogger Design Shuffle.  In this post they will be talking about the  many different shapes of dining tables and how to pick one that best suits your space.

In the legend of “King Author and the Knights of the Round Table” it is not by coincidence they chose a round table to join together for their secretive and important meetings. The Round Table symbolized the equality, unity, and comradeship of the Order, and singleness of purpose of all the Knights. Perhaps, another reason for their choice could be the fact that a round table provides a mood, a sense of intimacy to share important business in hushed tones, which a square or rectangular table could not. Also the Knights were many, and it took a table large enough to accommodate all of them, but yet enable them to still communicate.


When it comes to dining tables and dining room design ideas you might think it really doesn’t matter what shape or size you choose— round, square, rectangle, long, short, skinny—just as long as it looks pretty, right? Well, actually no, there are additional design elements and principles to consider before choosing a dining table. The shape and size of the dining table you select should fulfill several core design guidelines such as:

Function and Space—What will you be doing at your dining table other than eating? Perhaps you will be doing crafts, playing games with friends, or paying the bills. Do you plan on having big gatherings during the holidays? Perhaps, you like to entertain on a frequent basis. Or maybe your lifestyle is such that you eat out every meal and never even enter the dining room unless it is to dust. In either case, you want to consider the space you require to perform all frequent and infrequent activities you do throughout the year.

Proportion—No matter the functions your will perform at your table; if you can’t fit the table you need in your room comfortably then you will have issues of mobility and discomfort of family and guests. Make sure your dining table gives each person enough room to move comfortably.

For instance, say you would like a rectangular table. This is the most popular choice in table shapes. The standard rectangular dining table is 36” to 42” wide. So taking into consideration standard distance zones, each person will need between 32” to 36” inches from the table to the closest wall or other furnishings to move comfortably. Be sure to do some measuring before going out to choose your table no matter what shape you have in mind.


Proximity—Setting the mood with your dining table is an important aspect when choosing size and shape. Do you want an intimate dining experience? Then a small round table might be the perfect choice. However, make sure you have enough dining space for each person and for the serving dishes to fit. This goes for any size table you need at least 24’ to 30” to accommodate each person on the tabletop and the chairs side by side. If you entertain guests who are not familiar with each other or your family is a little rambunctious you may want to invest in a large rectangular table if your room size can handle it, just to give everyone plenty of person space.

The Assistant

Ask any high end New York interior designer or Dallas interior designer and they will tell you. No matter your situation or the interior design ideas you have in mind, if you don’t take into consideration these design elements and principles which were developed to provide the most desirable interior design outcomes it is highly likely you won’t find a dining table you love and one which accommodates all of your requirements.

Content provided by Design Shuffle which is a social media site filled with interior design ideas from top tier design talent around the world. Best of all, registration is completely free.

Thank you for your post Design Shuffle, and for sharing this information with us and helping us learn from you.

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