Piero Fornasetti (10 November 1913 – 1988) was an Italian painter, sculptor, interior decorator and engraver.   He lived most of his life in Milan and attended the Brere Art Academy where he was expelled for insubordination, most of his art training was self taught.   Fornasetti designed more than 11,000 products in his lifetime, creating the largest variety of decorative objects, and furniture of the 20th century.  His decoration touched every household item from lamps and dinner plates, to fashion accessories such as ties and scarves.  Fornasetti was an exuberant designer and decoration was a lifetime obsession for him.  He created a world of fantasy and imagery that was magical and whimsical, influenced by surrealistic oriented metaphysical paintings and the great artistic traditions of Italy.  His talent as a draftsman and a printer is the base of all his work, his style featured heavy use of black and white drawings.

The top image of Anne Hathaway against the backdrop of Piero Fornasetti wallpaper by  Cole & Son.   I love this wallpaper and it adorns the walls of the sample room in the Lee Jofa showroom in Los Angeles at the PDC.

{source Barney’s New York}

I am a great fan of his hanging plates, they add whimsy and magic to any space.

Many of his objects featured the face of a woman, operatic soprano Lona Cavalieri, as a motif.  In an interview when asked why he was so fascinated by her he responded with “I don’t know, I started making them and I could not stop”.

{images from the Fornasetti website }

Fornasetti created a world of fantasy that lives on.  Today his son Barnaba (on the right) has firm control on his fathers collection and has only released a small selection and limited supply back into production.  Fornasetti objects are available for purchase from their Milan store


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by Firoozeh Khorrami

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