Happy New Year! Inspirations and Resolutions

It’s been a couple of years that along with my list of New Year resolutions, I also make a New Inspiration board for the year to come.  A board where I pin images that inspire me to create more in the New Year, to bring more of what I want to my life, the people, the projects, the things and places.   Inspiration to allow myself to push the envelope and be more creative.  Inspiration to move forward with projects that have been on my to do list for a while.  Inspiration to help me stay focused on the beauty in life, and to keep me motivated to move forward to the road ahead and where I want to go.


The New Year is also a time for New beginnings, a time to reflect on the last year, to take lessons from, and to celebrate the many accomplishment.  To cross out the many successes on last year’s list and to make a new list of goals and resolutions for this year.  When you make your lists, be sure to use positive uplifting words.  Make your resolution and goal realistic.  Don’t set yourself up for failure by making unattainable goals, remember one step at a time and always reward yourself for everything you did; don’t punish yourself for everything that didn’t get done.

Wishing you all a Happy, Healthy, and prosperous New Year.

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by Firoozeh Khorrami

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