How to Create a Cozy Bedroom

Let’s face it; we all have such hectic lives, at the end of the day, retiring to a restful and cozy bedroom would be so luxurious. A luxury that can be attained easily; by selecting a soothing color palette, soft fabrics, and a little sparkle, your bedroom can be the peaceful and relaxing room you’ve been longing for.

Start by selecting your color palette, choose calming colors:  Soft blues (B&M 708 White Rain), greens (B&M 499 Glazed Green) , and lavender (B&M 1415 Lavender Secret) are good options for calming your nerves.

560beb068c67c8841a7ef35b0b71025eDon’t forget to include your master bathroom and create a complete retreat. Pick a color one shade lighter or darker so the two rooms have a cohesive look. Sometimes just a fresh coat of paint is all you need to make a complete transformation.

Use a Monochromatic color scheme:  Monochromatic doesn’t mean all white or boring, with the right attention paid to the selection of color, texture, scale and proportion monochromatic can be sophisticated, serene, stylish, soothing and relaxed.Select drapery fabric that’s in the same color range as your wall color. Add interest by using an elegant fabric like a silk taffeta, the smooth shiny texture of the fabric will draw attention to the windows. Don’t forget the details, a little trim at the lead edge, or simple hardware installed at the right height can make the windows look taller and bring in more light.

For the largest piece of furniture in the room, the bed itself, how about an upholstered headboard covered in smooth velvet  and tufted for added luxury. I like the headboard in the picture above; upholstered with beautiful velvet from Kravet; it’s contemporary and chic. The height makes the room grand, the color is warm, and the fabric is soft. It’s nice to wake up in a room painted with the right shade of pink; try Farrow and Ball’s Pink Ground it’s a happy color and does wonders for the complexion.


Bedding: Try to stay away from bedding that has bright or dark colors, this includes bath towels. Once bed and bath linens are washed a couple of times the color fades and they look old and tiered. My favorite bedding is white, it’s clean and versatile. It can always be freshened up with some new pillows and won’t fade in the wash. If you must have some color, try adding it with accent pillows, a colorful bed skirt and head board. Night stands are as important as the bed itself, not only a place for elegant table lamps, and some fresh flowers; but night stands help anchor the bed. When selecting a night stand make sure it is as tall as your mattress. Try to keep your furniture selection eclectic like the bedroom above, designed by Martin Lawrence Bullard. The mirrored bed is so “delicious” and the de Gournay wall paper adds the right amount of whimsy. The beautiful rock crystal chandelier could be from Ebanista, and the murano glass table lamps balance the room and give it symmetry.


A plush rug on the floor adds warmth and comfort.  Shag rugs have made a come back and are available in an array of colors.  They are not too expensive, easy to take care of, and are so soft under your feet.


A beautiful chandelier brings sparkle and glamor to the sexiest room in the house.  Not only are chandeliers aesthetically pleasing but they are also a better source for general lighting.  The light from a chandelier not only shines down, but also reflects off the ceiling and illuminates a much larger area than recessed down lights do, especially with low ceilings.

So don’t fall asleep, start planning, and if you need help don’t hesitate to call me!

These images plus more beautiful bedrooms are on my Pinterest Board here!

by Firoozeh Khorrami


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