How To Pick Paint Color For Interior Trim.

comedor en tonos grises y ocreA question I’m often asked when I go for color consultations is,  do we have to paint the trim white?  or is there a standard trim color?  well there are certainly a few shades of whites that are popular to paint interior trim with like, Cloud White (B&M 967), or Swiss Coffee (DE W341), but there are more options. Remember  white is a color and comes in different shades so select the color for interior trim after you have selected the rest of the colors in the space, you might want to pick a white with yellow, pink or lavender undertone.  If your wall color is darker you might want to go with a creamier white.  Architectural millwork, trim and moldings don’t have to be painted white,they can be painted the same color as the walls or darker.  Painting the walls and the trim the same color is more contemporary and creates the illusion of a higher ceiling.

Tammy Conner
If you are applying a wall-covering or a special wall treatment, it might be nice to paint the Architectural millwork and trim a complimenting color.


In the dining room below the crown moldings are painted white while all the other Architectural millwork is stained.  Which shade of white, or even if the trim should be white all depends on the color that’s going on the walls, the style of the home, and the feeling the home owner is trying to evoke.

In this beautiful library the detail in the paneling and crown molding is painted darker to  highlight the millwork and emphasis the rooms French style.

One thing to consider when picking trim color is other colors that are on the existing casework and cabinets.   If you have white kitchen cabinets you can use the same or complimenting white on the rest of the interior trim. If you would like a crisp contrast between the walls and the moldings you need to select a much brighter shade for the trim.

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