John Sowden House

I had the pleasure of touring the John Sowden House, designed by Lloyd Wright in the Los Feliz area in Los Angeles.  In 1926 John Sowden asked Lloyd Wright to design a home for him that he could entertain in.  When Wright died in 1978 the house was noted as his most important work and a landmark due to it’s temple like features. A Mayan Revival style architecture,  the most striking feature of the house are the ornamental concrete blocks that  mark the entrance, resembling a Mayan temple and making the home feel like a fortress.  The house has a  small entrance with low ceilings, leading to a cave like staircase up to the grand living room overlooking the canopies of large oak trees with city views.   In 2002 Xoren Balbes acquired the property and did an extensive  restoration of the home.  Today it’s a modern house with modern luxuries, fit for entertaining and living well.

Entrance staircase

The grand living room, furnished with Frank Loyd Wright sofas.

The house surrounds this central court yard.  Originally there was a fountain in the court yard, but has long been destroyed and now houses a swimming pool.  Great place to hang out and spend the day or the evening under the stars.

The old servants quarters have been converted into a beautiful modern kitchen.

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by Firoozeh Khorrami

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