I don’t remember ever having a week of non stop rain here in Los Angeles.  I enjoyed it very much and happy to see the sun again; especially so my out of town guests who are here for a nice vacation can enjoy the week before they all head back to the east coast.  Having this much rain has reminded me of how much I need a mud room in our home.  Although we don’t get as much rain here in Southern California as other parts of the country, I still think a proper mud room is necessary in Los Angeles, just as much as any other cold, rainy, region in the world.

Everyday when I come home I – in the entry, remove my shoes; I make my kids remove their shoes, and of course we always have something we have to DROP.  When it’s raining we bring in the mud, when it’s cold we have to take off our jackets, and when it’s hot we have water bottles, flowers, shopping bags, and beach gear to drop off, and of course let’s not forget the back packs, and briefcase, and purse……….

The term “Mudroom” use to mean just that, a room usually off the kitchen or basement where you stored your “mud” gear (shoes from the garden, a wet umbrellas and so on) and it would help keep your house clean.  Today we are designing mud rooms that some clients don’t want to get dirty.  Some of the things we’d like to include are: A large sink, closet to hide gear, a bench for removing shoes, a small powder room, storage bins for recyclables, bulletin board for last minuet messages, and of course a mirror for the last look before you leave the house.

This month Veranda magazine features a lovely mudroom, not only is it beautiful with custom cupboards on the right, and individual cubbyholes, for every member of the family and blue stone floors, it’s functional and practical.

{image source}

I love this room just as much. Most homes have a corridor coming in from the garage that can become a mud room like this.

{image source}

You too can create a stylish utilitarian “mudroom” to help keep the rest of the house from getting dirty or cluttered, by just adding some accessories.

How about some hooks or a coat hanger like theses from Restoration Hardware

Outside the door place a cast iron boot scraper like this one from Smith & Hawken

An umbrella stand to hold the wet umbrellas when you walk in.  This one is by Global Views

A bench to sit and put on or take off your shoes.  I like this vintage one from Wisteria

Some baskets or a storage bin for all the kids stuff.  I especially like this coat rack from Ballard Design

It doesn’t matter what size or shape your mud room is I’m sure it can have lots of style and function well for your home.

If you would like an interior designer in the Los Angeles area to help you design the home you’ve been dreaming of;  contact me  here.

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by Firoozeh Khorrami

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