Orange & Turquoise or Should I Say Hermes & Tiffany

When I was little I loved Tiffany s, I loved the pretty blue box wrapped with white ribbon, and I dreamed of getting a present from them.  When I was a teenager I was introduced to Hermes, I’m not sure what I liked more, the pretty orange box with brown signature ribbon or what was inside.   I do keep the boxes I get from designer boutiques, I’m not sure why I hang on to them and it seems that I’m not the only person with such a collection. Who would’ve thought boxes from beautiful and luxurious fashion houses would make a fabulous accessory for the home?  I especially like the combination of Tiffany blue and Hermes orange.

I like Tiffany Blue for the spring, and I’m seeing a lot of it used in fashion accessories.


{Chanel spring 2013}

Turquoise and orange make a vibrant color combination in interior spaces.  Turquoise is fresh and bright and orange is warm and inviting.  The combination is young, fun and classic.

{Quadrille wallpaper}

What do you think? Are you daring enough to use these colors in your home?

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Design Schematic

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