Sunday at the Flea Market

Sunday I spent the day at the Santa Monica Antique and Collectible Market.  It was a beautiful day and the shopping was good.  Here are some of the things that caught my eye.

Love the turquoise dresser, turquoise is color of the yeas.  It’s in good condition, and the price is fair……..

I also love these old drapery rosettes, we can use them as hooks to hang bags, or towels from…or as knobs on the right piece of furniture……

What a great re-use of old outdoor furniture, some new cushions, and the rust adds so much character

Remember the old singles, my kids have never seen one

How about a game of golf or maybe tennis??

Here’s what I came home with

These small mother of pearl and French horn caviar spoons, they can be used for tea, sauces, salt not just caviar, but I might want to try them with caviar also

This Lovely silver box; it’s perfect for keeping small Hors d’oeuvre forks in and I can display it on my coffee table

There was so much to see and take home, can’t wait to go back next month……..

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by Firoozeh Khorrami

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