“There’s beige, and there’s beige. You know what I mean?”

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It seems that most people have an image of beige in their mind, it’s usually a dull, and bland color.  There are many different shades of beige, and picking the right beige with the correct tone, value, and under tone, is what can make beige dull, or the color that pulls a room together. Beige when mixed with other neutrals can make a very sophisticated and warm color scheme much like the number of different shades of beige and gray in the images below.

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{image source unknown}

The many different undertones in beige have an effect on other colors in a room, one of the reasons the room below is so beautiful is that the darker shades of brown and gray have the same undertones of the “beige” on the wall.  And the deep orange is complimenting all the neutrals, and adding interest.

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Next time you hear the word beige, try to think of it not as a boring nuetral color, but as a color that needs to be paid attention to and selected carefully.

The title of this post was inspired by a post I read in the beautiful  The Peak of Chic blog.

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by Firoozeh Khorrami

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