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Wallpaper has gained popularity in the past few years; I’ve noticed that may clients are liking the idea of using some kind of wall covering in their homes and offices.  Selecting wall covering like anything in a design of a space needs a little thought and a few points to consider.  First don’t forget that wall coverings are used to decorate so take advantage of the paper and make selections that make an impact.  Make sure the pattern you select adds interest and is in line with your vision for the room.  Is there a distinctive style or are you more interested in creating a feeling in your space.

When selecting patterns for an emotional effect pay close attention to the mood you are wanting to evoke.  Are you looking to bring drama to a small room, or do you want a calm, soothing space.

If you haven’t notice by now I love large mural and chinoserie paper in any room especially in small spaces like a powder room or a foyer.  This beautiful mural by de Gournay brings the outdoors in and enlarges this small space so it appears as though the room expands beyond the walls.

de Gournay 188447565628793209_Fz8x2K7t_cThis guest bedroom from the 2011 Pasadena Showcase House and designed by Barclay Butera takes advantage of this vibrant red wall covering from Lee Jofa. Intense color brings cheer and good vibes to any room.

Barclay Butera Interior's Design Portfolio - Mozilla Firefox 1132013 111836 PM.bmp

To create a calm and soothing retreat, in say, your master bathroom, try a soft floral pattern with little contrast.

A damask pattern creates a formal and glamorous look, the larger the damask print the more formal the feeling.Trad Home 537269_10151367537038117_1981346242_n


Wall paper can also add visual interest with texture and color.  There are a variety of textured wall coverings made from silk, linen, and grass cloth.


Textured walls can bring richness and sophistication to any decor, formal or casual.  A solid colored grass cloth or linen wall covering will add depth and dimension to what would normally be a boring flat surface.  The light in the room reflects differently off the walls and the acoustics in the room are much better.Grass cloth for example can be installed on the ceiling to help catch the sound of the room.

Try a metallic paper on the ceiling, it reflects the light of the chandelier and warms the entire room.

How about installing a small print on the back of the closet shelves or bookcases for added interest.  Or lining the drawers of an old chest with a contrast paper.

Wall treatment

Don’t be afraid of getting creative and thinking outside the walls.  However f you need help don’t hesitate to call me!



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by Firoozeh Khorrami

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